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The IB introduces the International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP) – the story from Kent and Finland by Tony Smith, Eeva Vehmas and Teuvo Taurinolli



Introduction – Chantelle Wyten, IB Career-related Programme Curriculum Manager
The Career-related programme (CP) was launched officially in 2012, a significant milestone in the history of the IB in that it sought to broaden access to an IB education and bridge the academic/career-related divide. The development project that shaped the CP started in 2004 with an underlying design principle that the programme would provide a career orientated pathway combined with a sound IB academic offering. Following a pilot phase, with profoundly positive outcomes, the IB governing body approved the implementation of the CP in 2010. Not only does the CP meet the rising demand for alternate approaches to post – 16 education, it
also offers academic rigour while providing students with multiple articulated pathways upon secondary education. The breadth of different learning pathways the CP is currently inspiring across the world indicates that the flexible CP framework absorbs international contexts and supports transformational educational experiences for all kinds of learners and communities. Currently there are 182 authorized CP schools in 26 countries around the world.