ISJ Internation Schools Journal Envisioning the K-Graduate Education Paradigm
ACS Athens

ISJ November 2015: The Internet of Things – ethics of our connectivity


John Mikton


  What does it mean to live in a world where our dependence on digital devices and hardware ecosystems is non-negotiable? As our lives get tied up in a world of machines, how do we balance, control, monitor and engage with the ‘Internet of Things’ (the different devices, hardware and appliances connected to the internet) in a manner that allows us to still feel in control?

   The digital devices we use, connect and interact with have become seamless parts of our day. Many of the processes and tasks they complete are invisible to us. Rarely do we need to take our digital devices and tools apart, or sit down and understand how they work or why they are working, and this growing disconnect between our own understanding and participation with the Internet of Things. There is a gap where we are becoming more and more sidelined; where we are no longer active but passive consumers.