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ISJ November 2015: Book reviews – Second Language Students in English-Medium Classrooms A Guide for Teachers in International Schools


Reviewed by Maurice Carder


As globalization steadily infiltrates our lives, news in the remotest places flashes up on our screens, and refugees and migrants arrive in wealthier countries, international education is becoming increasingly relevant to national systems, especially when it comes to finding solutions for that most essential of educational tools: language.

In this book Coreen Sears lays out knowledge gleaned in the international school network both as a teacher and researcher over many years. The work is broadly divided into five parts which provide a focus for the main points to be addressed: the world of international education; programmes and policies in international schools; bilingualism and language learning; day-to-day life in mainstream classrooms containing emergent bilingual students; and working with emergent bilingual students in the mainstream academic programme.