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ACS Athens

ISJ November 2013: The future of the librarian as a meta-data specialist


Tamatha Bibbo & Roberto d’Erizans


Recently, a colleague confided: “To my chagrin, when my son was two, he was already well versed in accessing technology as a tool. He knew how to turn on my iPhone, type in the password, and access the game application that he wanted to play. He would play happily with this hand-held computer whenever he was allowed or granted permission.”

Although many would criticize or cringe and say, “never my child!” this access to technology is not uncommon today. In fact, it is rare not to find at least one child using a phone, tablet, laptop, or other type of personal handheld device on a bus, in a restaurant, at a sibling’s sports game, or riding in a shopping cart. If we have not seen it firsthand, we have definitely heard of similar stories relating to the natural ability of young children to utilize technology intuitively and uncover its many uses.