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ACS Athens

ISJ Fall 2021: Towards Sustainable Education / Andrew Watson


The UN released the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in September 2015 and ratified them at the beginning of 2016, signifying the biggest worldwide approach to tackling sustainability since the millennium (Ford, 2015). The range and scope of the goals are ambitious and call for a unified effort to tackle some of humanity’s biggest problems.

In the wake of death, the current Covid-19 has wrought a pandemic of pain, suffering and, if we dare, or are allowed to, peep out of our otherwise shuttered windows in our various states of suspended animation around the world, it has also brought chronic uncertainty.
However, this imposed solitude has, also brought an opportunity for meditation, self-reflection and deep introspection about the state of the world and our place in it. This piece is written less in high minded despair than in harsh appreciation for the wasteland that awaits us and in aspirational anticipation of the opportunity to re-calibrate the social contract and the belief in the potential of humans to change and to change for the better […]