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ISJ Fall 2021: A Personal View On The Role Of The School Board. Part One – Why School Boards Don’t Work / Peter MacKenzie


I have just completed a forty-year career in teaching. Thirty-one of those years were spent in six international schools on four continents and in five of those schools I attended the regular (perhaps monthly) meetings of the board. In three I was the head of school. In the other two, I was a division head.

I wish now that I had kept a record (or maybe it’s better that I didn’t) but I can recall working with fourteen board chairs. How many board members I worked with over the years can only be a guess but it must be more than a hundred. And when I count the number of board meetings I have attended, I’m astonished to realise that it must easily be at least 150. Add in various board committee meetings and I have sat in rooms discussing school matters with board members 300 or 400 times.