ISJ Internation Schools Journal Envisioning the K-Graduate Education Paradigm
ACS Athens

ISJ Fall 2020 (Digital Edition)



  • Powerful Pedagogy: Lessons Learned from our Remote Learning Experience / Alex Galland
  • A Six-Stage Approach to Creating a Meaningful Online Educational Programme at a K-12 International Girls’ School in South Korea / Terry McAdams
  • Four Pillars Suggested as Necessary to Develop Conscious Young World Citizens / Peggy Pelonis
  • A Global Community of Practice: Teaching Multilingual Learners Online / Jon Nordmeyer and Esther Bettney
  • Negotiating Lock-Down: A Study in Creativity and Well-being / Richard Parker
  • Commitment to Culture, Conventions and Creativity during the Coronavirus Pandemic: A School’s Journey / Cindy Rigling and Tracy Wood
  • Towards Sustainable Education: Lessons from COVID-19 / Andrew Watson
  • COVID-19 and the Future for International Schools: Speculations over a Socially Distanced Coffee… / Norm Dean
  • Anti-Racism and International Schools / Rebecca Eisenberg and Beverly D. Shaklee
  • Teaching Anti-discrimination and Race in the Wake of the Black Lives Matter Movement – Two Educators’ Reflections and Suggestions / La Tosha Parker-Jackson and Michael Neumann
  • Teaching the Inquisitive: The Qualities and Considerations Necessary to be a Successful Teacher of Theory of Knowledge in the IBDP. Part 2 / Bill Roberts
  • Book Review:
    • Piketty, T. (2020) Capital and Ideology
    • Milburn, K. (2019) Generation Left