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ISJ April 2017: Historical vignette – A Tribute to ISA, ‘The International Schools Association’ on its 65th Anniversary


Mabel Mary Manzitti


   Education is the best instrument to build a better world. Living in peace is achieved by working together and celebrating our cultural diversity and similarity.

   65 years is a great cause for congratulations and celebrations, so why not start off by indulging in thanking all the people who have done so much to make ISA´s success possible?

   When one thinks of the very beginning, when ISA was founded at UNESCO in 1951, and of how it has grown to be a competent and representative organization throughout all these years, it is quite outstanding. It has always promoted education for international understanding, encouraged constant curriculum innovation and renewal. We must thank those who inspired ISA’S early steps and had the vision and determination to keep the organization alive and functioning successfully despite very limited resources . The commitment of its founders has been reflected and carried forward by all those who have so generously devoted their time and expertise to it.