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ISJ April 2017: Book reviews – Preventing and countering extremism and terrorist recruitment


Reviewed by John Bastable


Hanif Qadir’s book is exactly what its title claims it to be, a practical guide of how to prevent and counter extremism and terrorist recruitment, as such it is an important text for anyone involved with the welfare of young people and the challenge of radicalisation. He has a much to say about the UK Government’s Prevent Strategy. For those in International Education it will not only bring them up to date with current statutory obligations in British Schools but also enhance their ability to recognise signs of student radicalisation in their own institutions and to confront them pragmatically. This is a brave book which dares challenge both the Islamic community for not having made its voice loud enough in abhorrence of terrorism, and of Western governments for foreign policies the outcomes of which have had disastrous effects on some young people’s minds.