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ISJ April 2014: Globally-minded students: defining, measuring anddeveloping intercultural sensitivity. Part 2


Simon Taylor


In a recent article (International Schools Journal, vol XXX111 No 1, November, 2013) I highlighted the fact that, while co-existence and tolerance of cultures may exist in international schools, the potential for cultural exchange and understanding is not fully developed. Indeed, there is a tendency to minimize difference. I then made the case for developing intercultural awareness, sensitivity and competence among staff as a starting point for change. Intercultural awareness is certainly desirable; however it is passive. One should preferably aim for intercultural sensitivity as a mindset that leans towards something more active and, hopefully, to intercultural competence through behaviour.

In this article I look at how one might measure the degree to which intercultural sensitivity (ICS) already exists among staff in a school and how one might develop it further.