ISJ Internation Schools Journal Envisioning the K-Graduate Education Paradigm
ACS Athens

Challenging the monolingual habitus of international school classrooms by Eowyn Crisfield Burr



This paper is designed to explore the intersections of language and translanguaging theory and practice in international schools. Language is an important but complex issue in international education for many reasons. Despite this, or perhaps because of this, little work has been done on ensuring adequate provision in international schools for the multilingual nature of many of the students. This is misaligned with the current stated goals of international education, which are to promote global citizenship and international mindedness. Translanguaging pedagogy is a flexible method for using more than one language for teaching and learning. Although most of the work to date has been in bilingual contexts, there is a strong argument to be made for the consistent use of translanguaging in international school classrooms.